Some new tests

I’ve been going around, filming fly-through videos of interior spaces. I’ve managed to collect some decent material for now and will be manipulating them further. For now, i would like to see how i can start joining this material with some of my animated spaces that i am yet to enhance.

Here are a few stills.

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0034.JPG Screenshot 2017-01-16 14.54.48 copy Screenshot 2017-01-16 14.55.24 copy

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4 Responses to Some new tests

  1. Emma Fraser says:

    These are great! The enfilade format of the images makes such ordinary places look staged and v beautiful, also eerie as they are all uninhabited, the dark end to your video is a great way to jump into your rendered enfilade world, I can imagine a door opening in the blackness of the end of the video and us entering the wall papered corridor.

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    It might want to become a corridor / film-like version of the Jeff Wall tableaux that you can see a link to in Nicholas’ post. I imagine these with a really emotive narrative (of what, I don’t know) but I can see these aligning with a narrative that speaks of an event in the space, without us seeing the event – only perhaps the echoes of it, the props, shadows, and of course, the spaces….

    Mind you, I read Nathan’s script right before watching your film, so maybe i’m mixing the two together.