Film WIP

New continuous shot of model –

In order to use the Blackmagic camera for its quality I mounted it on an extension from the tripod so it rotates away from the model (before the frame was too closed in).

I’ve been working on the transition from Donald Judd’s piece in Marfa to NYC’s New Museum with a long ‘sky-to-skyline’ wrap in which the lens is inserted. Still the lens is visible on camera.. I think to completely cover it will require to remake the Judd’s pieces so they are bigger. Alternatively, I can not do the change of focus to the NYC buildings – which reveals the lens more explicitly.

Also not sure about the speed of rotation – the footage seemed a bit too slow so made it faster in edit (especially in the first part until the mountain). Maybe it’s still a bit slow?

Transitions currently missing in film –

**Barragan towers scale change (in the image below they are in their ‘big’ state – in an aerial)

**House VI as a model on a plinth

**Jeff Wall’s tableau – from building scale to apartment scale (I think the GoPro attempts have officially failed)

blog blog2

some images of the model –

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