Figuring things out (2)

Here is some of the image i have done – i am making, over the weekend. The first three are meant to represent the excess, or the kind of presence of the accumulation of rubble, in urban context mainly. I thought it was relevant/funny not to use a singular visual identity but to use and disrupt different images, from the B&W NY arty photography, to the hyper-real real-estate image, to the tumblr-like bed window view.

I am also setting the things further in order for OFFW to become real. For those who havent seen it, OFFW is the Other Future Foundation for Waste (OFF_Waste) that operates at a more economic/political level, which I want to be a relevant and more realistic parallel project to constantly feed the different scenarios i am working on. OFFW is also a website (from today) : [there is nothing in it yet]

It also has an email address :

OFFW will also be supporting the ballon scenario (see last image) where, if you dont buy waste for yourself, you can send it to an unknown person via balloon.



So now, i am making images for my scenarios, figuring out how to do a first version of the website, updating the book, and trying to figure out, in an accurate way how much balloon i would need to send different waste somewhere…

More to come tomorrow..





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