fic·tion (noun)

a :  something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically :  an invented story

b :  fictitious literature (as novels or short stories)

c :  a work of fiction; especially :  novel

2a :  an assumption of a possibility as a fact irrespective of the question of its truth <a legal fiction>

2b :  a useful illusion or pretense

3:  the action of feigning or of creating with the imagination

see also: fable, fabrication, fantasy (also phantasy), figment, invention

Late 14c., “something invented,” from Old French ficcion (13c.) “dissimulation, ruse; invention,” and directly from Latin fictionem (nominative fictio) “a fashioning or feigning,” noun of action from past participle stem of fingere “to shape, form, devise, feign,” originally “to knead, form out of clay,” from PIE *dheigh- (cf. Old English dag “dough;” see dough). As a branch of literature, 1590s.

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