‘Fair Use’

Post-jury comments.

Thought it was a really interesting Jury as it highlighted this interest in this idea of the ‘copyright’ issues surrounding sampling. Had a look over more cases in other fields such as collage, literature and architecture! I think i need to capitalise more on these aspects in the way I deliver the project. The project lies on a ‘blurred line’ between the work of the reference and myself. As Assa said, what is the precise recipe for the sampling process that I am going through?

I am now working on a storyboard for this idea between artefact – space – narrative.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 18.20.57

Artefact: reference, form. (sample) – currently in green foam, should these be carefully analysed and presented as precise fragments taken from the origin. The decision to take specific pieces must be underlined as it is in music, with each time frame being very precise. – does the fact that you take specific pieces count as ‘fair use’ in the sense that they are no longer attached to their original reference.

Space: scale, material (distortion)

Narrative: This brings the context, time, scene/theme. (re-appropriation)

As the drawings start to do, each artefact is placed into a new narrative, bringing the entire ‘track’ of the year into one continuum of sampling.

Putting together White Book starting with the sampling landscape…

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 18.14.37

Also, finally found the reference I have been looking for quite some time. Its the Brazilian architect Vazio. This is the project ‘ultimate skyscraper’, a bit of architectural sampling. Or maybe this would be considered piling. Its a story of Sao Paolo that tried to empty itself into one building. – Felix? In any case, its great!



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