Experience the box

I’ve been spending time to focus on revising thesis, finishing up list of experiences and testing miniaturising stuff. Most of stuff will be selection of readymade. I will bring it with me tomorrow.


Disc didn’t work because it was to small to look through.

(Claiming identity as producer)

As a maker, whether you are an artist, architect, writer, carpenter, he or she can create his or her persona as many as you want, but in the end his or her identity as a maker will only be valid and valued when users experience, or appreciate his or her invention, or production. A maker rigorously produces, creates or builds with hope that it will deliver his, or her theory, message and will throughout generations, across boundaries.

Therefore products immediately become artefacts to trace back who he or she was or rather what he or she tried hard to deliver. I think that is my definition of identity when others identify you as unique.

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