Everything and Nothing

Note: Obelisk is just a name I gave this thing for now so it is more clear when reading.

Obelisk is an identity machine, a concrete architectural object colliding with the existing context creating a new condition, a new context. A collision between these two becomes an area of exploration. It is unplaced but at the same time every-placed. It is constantly drawn in isolation. Perhaps all of these collisions together might form some kind of a super grid, I don’t know. Looking back at my Recon and my identity book. One image is like ‘haha, what is this?’, but all together make the story. I’ve travelled time, I’ve travelled cultures and all sorts of histories. Obelisk is Djordje, by architectural means. It constantly changes scales, from small, to medium to the enormous. It is like everything and nothing at the same time.

Very interesting reference that Natasha gave me, click to watch. There is a suggestion that the bottle came from the future, and it kind of is except they are operating in a continuous timeline, but one culture is in a completely different history. What can Obelisk become as an Architectural totem? Like the Coke bottle is emblematic of so many things, What is an architectural equivalent of the Coke bottle?

I am drawing few possible collisions now, still raw but will update with the progress soon.

In Sahara

In Sahara

Into space

Into space


P.S. I am not sure what is my argument at the moment. Few questions for thought:

If Superstudio’s continuous Monument was an argument against Modernism, like a single modernist object taking over the world, what is the bigger picture of the Obelisk? What does it argue for? Do we know whats inside?

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