Encoding Secret Images/Messages into Songs?

A lil off from my project. Got carried away from trying to encode image or text into sound! It’s really FUN!
It’s pretty simple, I took a portrait of Trump as an example. First you need to import that JPEG into Coagula ( a free application ). Coagula would render that image by transforming the contrast / pixel of the image into a sound waves. 
It’ll end up sounding like a mess. From now on you can mix that weird distortion of WAV sound , blending it with other Sounds/ Music using Application like Audacity to create a music that’s encoded with secret in it.
To Decode it. Just import the WAV into Sonic Visualizer ( another free app ) and add a Spectrogram on it. Mess around with the scale, windows, bins for the resolutions.. and WAALLAAAAA. Image decoded! 
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