Egoiste – Jean Paul Goud

I have been constructing a garment all day and the learning curve is steep! I have been looking at the behaviours of humans, natural elements and buildings. I have identified behavioural traits of various people throughout history. I am working on the idea of constructed identity through various forms. Each identifiable element on the garment is associated with certain behavioural traits. Collars, Cuff, Lapels, pockets all carry there own stigmas. Each of these elements are designed separately and will be attached to the main body of the garment. Each element added or removed will tell a different narrative.

IMG_2415 (1)Design begins with a small scale miniature toile. This is not the final design but the beginning of the concept.IMG_2420 (1)IMG_2427


These are the windows to the model I am making. I have temporarily placed them on the garment to see how it reacts.

The garment is a caricature in the same style as my drawings. It is oversized and can be worn. I have looked at the work of French designer Jacquemus and American designer Thom Browne.


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One Response to Egoiste – Jean Paul Goud

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Faces on Jacquemus models are amazing but love the Thom Browne clothes!