Ecologies of Power (Book)


This book just came out. It has been written by Pierre Belanger, who I believe is Canadian. I have been really interested in his work – especially his studio at harvard god ( for my project last year, and wanted to share that here. His work is fascinating and I think it can have some interesting echoes in some of the projects…

Here is how it is introduce by MIT Press :

“This book is not about war, nor is it a history of war. Avoiding the shock and awe of wartime images, it explores the contemporary spatial configurations of power camouflaged in the infrastructures, environments, and scales of military operations. Instead of wartime highs, this book starts with drawdown lows, when demobilization and decommissioning morph into realignment and prepositioning. It is in this transitional milieu that the full material magnitudes and geographic entanglements of contemporary militarism are laid bare. Through this perpetual cycle of build up and breakdown, the U.S. Department of Defense—the single largest developer, landowner, equipment contractor, and energy consumer in the world—has engineered a planetary assemblage of “operational environments” in which militarized, demilitarized, and non-militarized landscapes are increasingly inextricable.”

Link :

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