Drawings of the mechanisms

model-misdirectional-boxCurrently working on an exploded view drawing (above is only the Rhino model, no drawing yet) of the [eyebox / Ibox / Wonderbox II / Misdirectional box / Mystical box / Mirage periscope]?

The drawing is to explain the mechanical workings of the apparatus and to illustrate what is seen inside. (It is somewhat of a how to/how does it work drawing) More drawings of all boxes are to be made and together with photos compiled in the White book.

Have been looking online for book styles, formats and fonts, what do you think of these?




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One Response to Drawings of the mechanisms

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    nice. Could be a design project in itself – that all the different views are delivered as much through the narrative / movement through the book as through the devices/holes/windows,etc within the book