Drawing update

Finished the lecture hall and the library. Its going slow but well I suppose. I modelled every single details in those cabinets and shelves and other little things… To come: Brett’s office, the bar, terrace and new soft room. This is going to be a long night… Hope I will manage on time.

Lecture hall and the library

Lecture hall and the library

Do you think I should move/rotate few chairs in the lecture hall to make it seem ‘live’ or should I leave it like that.

Hope everyone is less stressed than me.


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2 Responses to Drawing update

  1. Miruna Mazilu says:

    I think maybe if you move some chairs a little bit then it would seem more alive. Not crazy or disordered..but maybe vary the spacing between them a bit?

    The library is nice ! Keep calm and carry on hehe…
    Stress won’t help you!!

  2. Sabrina Morreale says:

    There is a program if you just add it on rhino is called anime, or something like that. here you can have a look. it is already done, so basically there are people and then you decide the route to take: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obiyET7QtCA

    it is so much fun and i think it helps, i get terrorized usually to see only the architecture without people in it.