drawing frustration

Been going crazy on rhino all day!
Trying to construct this image, using the Mies image above as a reference… but instead of an entirely interior image I want the drawing to show both above (exterior) and below (interior) worlds.. where the horizon line is equivalent to the glass plane and so we have a birds eye view of below and worms eye view of above.
Image is being devised as a triptych at the moment but don’t have a good reason for that yet other than needing a horizontal format for showing enough of the image with such a wide perspective. Ideally I would like the composition to show something different in each of the three sections..
The image is supposed to feel like a photo taken underwater where the line of the water cuts the image in two and you see above the water and below. Not feeling like that yet.. also supposed to show the detail of the glass but the scale doesn’t seem to allow for that.. (see little green figures = scale people)

any comments? composition/perspective opinions?

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