Drawing as process

I am trying to find the balance between working intuitively to allow for the process of creating the project but also to know what it is I want to question and what the outcome will be in two weeks.

Since we are going back to the conversation on the operative/ 1:1/ construction drawing, (rather than the biography which is analytical), I made an attempt at the drawing below which I had in mind for a while now but didn’t really know its aim. My main question is how am I re-contextualising/ re-inventing Prouve with this. It will be like a gif file, meant to be read in overlays. Kilometers away from what I’m imagining…


I am trying to break away from the whole and look more into parts, keeping in mind that even a part of a whole furniture or house is a whole in itself. I think my interest lies in the moment a drawing/ a piece of furniture/ a house etc is assembled. This is extremely literal in the case of the furniture and house since it is components that are put together. By inserting elements in motion (the pencil, the laser cutter) I want to look into this state before completion, even if this is about a drawing. So perhaps this is not about components being put together but it is about the relationships between dynamic elements (processes?). It’s still really abstract…

Following the concept of looking for the house that’s been lost, I am now wondering whether I need to start with Prouve in my presentation or whether I can end with it – I have this animation in my mind of a constantly moving line of which the context (paper drawing, paper model etc) is changing…


Notes from the last tutorial that I need to work on:

Blank paper with engraved ‘instructions’ on how to construct parts what it refers to;

Plaster/ concrete cast to ‘ground’ the paper

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