A few concepts that we’ve discussed so far:

Factory is the process.

Factory is in the green room.

Factory is in the paper.

Factory of foundations.

Factory of context.

Factory of fictions.

I wanted to draw the factory in plan but also in 3D so I’ve decided to work with this method. The green room in terms of size, follows the proportions of any A landscape paper size because I thought that the contextlessness exists as much in paper as it exists in the green room. I wanted a process to draw so I became a bit self-referential and I am focusing for now on what makes my fiction, or the film, which starts from a book shelf in the library, to re-drawing construction drawings, to printing and so on. The entrance to the green room is through the center of the room so that the process that leads to that is within spaces one level below and all four walls are part of the greenness. Also instead of rooms like library room, printing room etc I thought of putting these functions in a peripheral corridor like space. I keep thinking that the process is linear and then the analogy to that is a corridor. Hmm…


After I progress with this I want to put my thoughts or words in order and associate them with images so I can take a step back and see where I want to propel towards!

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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    something else but I can’t quite remember how it went:

    Factory Design Time is 1:1

  2. Anny Stephanou says:

    YES!!! I was just thinking about that and how I can bring it in this drawing. or maybe the next part of the film. Another important conversation is identity tied to site but also question what is site itself. Also I was just thinking that maybe I should try working with photoshop as it works similarly to editing a film between the layers and masks… So I make something like how I exploded the people drawing planes on the table. So the contexts can be interchangable and reinvented… I’m just thinking through my keyboard now.

    • Miruna Mazilu says:

      i LIKE that! thinking through the keyboard, like the exercise Manolis gave us..thinking through the object.

  3. Anny Stephanou says:

    oh that’s true haha! I used to think through the pen when I write but I’ve decided from now on to always type to force myself to form complete sentences haha