Draft drawing

Posting a draft since the final is taking ages as I fight another cold, since when did I become so sickly? The drawing is assembly of 4 cube facades which would be removed one by one from a model. The drawing is of a space that lives in between external facade and internal walls of brand house. Together they assemble my space that is both real and cognitive, but most importantly free for interpretation and experimentation as opposed to brand house that boxed its architects in.


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2 Responses to Draft drawing

  1. Ioana Iliesiu says:

    nice sketch! are you hand drawing the final piece as well?

    • Svetlana Demchenko Demchenko says:

      wanted to do that at first, but I also wanted it done with stippling technique and that unfortunately takes very long time. It will be a hybrid mostly digital and some intensified density clusters by hand