Dr Dre


Dr Dre aka Dr J (Andre Romelle Young)

Dr Dre started his musical career with an E-mu SP-1200 changing forever the widespread influence of music sampling and is resulting controversies.

N.W.A released their album “Straight Outta Compton” (1988) marking the arrival of a new genre – gansta rap. Their songs were based on music sampling techniques using the E-mu SP-1200 aswell as emphasis on the lyrics. The song “F*** tha Police” caused controversy as it explored tensions between black youth and the police, it was thought to incite violence. The FBI sent a warning letter to the record company.

In 1989, Australian radio “Triple J” had been playing “F*** tha Police” for about 6 months before being banned by the Australian Broadcasting Coporation. The staff went on strike playing N.W.A “Express Yourself” continuously for 24 hours (approx. 360 times)

This initial research brings up intrigue into the ‘culture of sampling.’ What are the legal implications behind sampling? The research continues…

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