WHITE BOOKS + Dip 9 Book status_ 21.06.2015

Everything is collected, revised and put together in 1 indesign file. It is in the process of quality control hehe…. and we will export as .pdf and uploaded on dropbox. So you can see it there if you are curious.

White book update:

Miru, Sabri, Cat, Anny, Maridia, Oliver - ALL PRINTED

Anouk, Djordje, Sasha, Felix, Nara - NEED TO PRINT!!! -before 11 am tomorrow .

We are going to collect everything at 11am and go to bind them.

If you have specific instructions for example – “this side up, bind on this side, cover colour+ lettering etc etc”.. please include this note clearly on top of your print stack ( and put your name on it too!! …. So there is possible confusion :) – We will talk individually anyway but it’s better to have it written.

Good luck everyone! see ya tomorrow – thanks for collaborating today. 


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