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Before flying back to Chicago and leaving Germany forever, Mies, who is unable to walk, watches from his car as the roof of the Nationalgalerie is lifted into place. An axe murderer kills seven people in Taliesin, and burns it to the ground. Frank Lloyd Wright rebuilds it, and 11 years later it burns again. He rebuilds. Oscar Niemeyer is denied a visa to enter the US for being a communist and, consequently, is unable to teach at Yale. A young professor named Louis Kahn is hired instead. The following year he begins work on the Yale University Art Gallery, launching his career. Piranesi dedicates Campo Marzio to his friend Robert Adam. Robert, together with his brother James, brought back to England two of Piranesi’s sketches that they later give to Soane. In 1959 Khrushchev and Nixon debated everything from American kitchens to American capitalism. Lord Burlington scribbles notes in his original edition of the four books by Palladio. In 1927 modernism is born with the Weissenhofsiedlung designed by 17 architects. In 1972 Charles Jencks declares the death of modernism as Minoru Yamasaki’s Pruitt-Igoe is demolished. Philip Glass later composes Koyaanisqatsi for Godfrey’s Reggio’s film of the same name, which includes the demolition. Gordon Matta-Clark is invited by Peter Eisenman to take part in the Idea as Model exhibition. He brings a rifle and a set of photographs of housing projects with broken windows. On the afternoon of the opening he shoots out all of the windows in the gallery. Fashion imitates architecture in 2014 when Chanel turns a photograph of Barkow Leibinger’s Trutek building in Seoul into suit. Hannes Meyer spends the waning years of his career building in Mexico City. Lina Bo Bardi works for magazines in Italy but builds in Brazil. Duchamp takes a urinal and turns it into a fountain by another man. Andy Warhol tips his canvases on the floor, pees on them, calls them the Piss Paintings. By 2150, Venice and Atlantis share a similar fate. The Eameses get the wrong steel delivered to site, change their design and build the house we know today as the Eames House. Reyner Banham records his thoughts on tape while driving through LA. These recordings become his Four Ecologies. 75 years after Loos’ death, Ines Weizman reenacts his unbuilt House for Josephine Baker in Ordos, Mongolia. In the future, the phrase ‘in the future’ is understood to mean something else entirely. In 1966, Antonioni rounds up a group of AA students to film a scene for Blow-Up, in which they drive through the newly completed Economist Building by the Smithsons. Frank O Goldberg one day changes his name and decades later steals what would have been a great building right out from under Zaha Hadid. In 1949, Philip Johnson builds a house in which to die. Architect Giangiorgio Trissino took a young assistant stonemason under his wing and renamed him Andrea Palladio. in 2044 building-sized 3D printers will make copies of what cities were supposed to look like as described in old-fashioned science fiction novels. Godard’s use of the red towel in Le Mepris was instrumental in transforming how physical objects were used in film as thresholds between time and space. Mark Fisher released a giant inflatable pig above Battersea power station only to have strong winds blow it towards Heathrow and blocks airspace. Dr Dre started his musical career with an E-mu SP-1200 changing forever the widespread influence of music sampling and its oft resulting controversies. A light fixture falls out of the sky and changes Truman’s life. Of all his life experiences, Buckminster Fuller always said his time teaching at Black Mountain College with John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Willem de Kooning was the most profound. The Oculus Rift will be commercially launched in 2016. Architect Kisho Kurokawa, founder of Metabolism, reinvented the Japanese modern man and hosted a TV talk show for 14 years. Steve Jobs walks into Xerox park and later ‘invents’ the mouse after reverse engineering one that he saw in their offices. Peggy Guggenheim begins her career with The Art of This Century gallery 1942-1947. In 2029, a network applies to the Diploma school. The interview panel rejects it and suggests third year. Network appeals the decision. In life Duchamp sold Brancusi’s sculptures, in death they are exhibited side by side in two elongated rooms in Philadelphia. After the Submerging, London postcards no longer feature the Houses of Parliament. After the Duke of Urbino injured an eye in a jousting tournament, he had the bridge of his nose removed to improve his field of vision. He translated this flattened form of viewing into the intarsia of his studiolo. In 1932 Philip Johnson curated an exhibition and invented the International Style. Citizen Kane’s Rosebud, the murder in Rear Window, Jerry Lundegaard’s $40,000, Monty Python’s Holy Grail remain unexplained and undiscovered. Le Corbusier painted a mural in E-1027, Eileen Gray called it vandalism. Marshall McLuhan sent his book The Medium is the Message to the printers. What came back was The Medium is the Massage, and it changed both everything and nothing. Lubetkin’s career in London started with a pool for penguins and a house for gorilla’s in the London Zoo. He later becomes one of the most emblematic figures of British modernism. 28 years later Cedric Price builds the Aviary. Italo Cavino died before writing the sixth memo for his series of lectures titled Six Memos for the Next Millennium. In the book, Here, McGuire captures the lifecycle of a single room from 500BC to 2033. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera meet in Detroit and become Mexico City’s power couple in love and art. 387 countries sign a treaty recognising a new nation-state whose borders are entirely electronic. Three students meet whilst studying architecture at Westminster under Foster. They used their student grant money to buy instruments and created Pink Floyd, one of the most influential bands of all time. Curzio Malaparte fires his architect Adalberto Libera, redesigns the house, and builds it with the help of a stonemason. McDonough describes it as a ‘building with an ontology as complex as the twentieth century, often called by those who have seen it, simply, the most beautiful house in the world’. The identity of Tank Man in Tiananmen Square, once rumoured to be an architecture student, has never been confirmed. After his election, President Reagan asks to see the Situation Room, only to discover the room he was thinking of was on the set of Dr. Strangelove. Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics medal ceremony. Bikini island was bombed and vaporized over the course of a decade. FAT engineered its own death as a means for reinvention. When candidate Nerendra Modi appeared as a hologram in rural communities in India, many believed him to be magical and voted him into the office of Prime Minister. The polka-dotted field conditions of Yayoi Kusama are an art so extreme that to produce them, she teeters between real world and installation space within her psychiatric care home. Darwin’s On the Origin of Species is the culmination of research initially launched with his observations on species similarities across the Galapagos Islands. Buster Keaton receives a one-week build-it-yourself house as a wedding present, and a train demolishes it as soon as he is finished.

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