Didi Huberman, my new hero.

“To gain knowledge of, is to take position on.” Didi Huberman.

(It’s a french saying, translation doesn’t really work…)

But anyway, Didi Huberman is a french historian, expert on Aby Warburg, Images and the notion of Atlas. He is a strong defender of the notion of “Table”, in opposition to “Tableau”, which means to put the Tableau (the result) in a secondary position, in favour of exposed “Tables”, as a space of operation, a “mise en oeuvre” of the body of work, like the “table de montage” in cinema.

He only speaks on Images but whenever I read or listen to him it has so much potential for architecture, both theoretically and practically.

ps: I’m slightly over-excited I think, but will draw plans based on my understanding of Huberman’s thinking, which I have probably not understood…

Below is a painting he has used extensively to explain his theory, and another beautiful saying…

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