Below is the TS book at the moment. Javier advised me not to rush and decide the TS beforehand but to let the project evolve for a week or two before I see him again. In the mean time I will start seeing other tutors but I do need to become more specific for the conversation to be constructive.



Following Sabrina’s reference I really wanted to draw the moments of using the green screen in the unit trip in this way. I will be working on that until the tutorial tomorrow and see how this can inform the project. I’m enjoying using colour again :) Also I remembered in the start of the year when I was thinking of the various places of assembly of the ‘flat-pack’ industry and I think this is how I can start going in the factory from isolating places and working with that. I feel like this is step I had to make…


At the same time I’m working on my text. Part of the introduction:

The factory of context exists in the intersection between the construct of a fiction that is the architectural project, and the inhabited realm. This space is the green room where this film is staged. The technique of ‘masking’ conceals parts from both worlds to create the fiction of this architectural project.

And in terms of the film the Grand Budapest Hotel is a fantastic reference:

Have a look at how the stairs are used!

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2 Responses to Developments

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    I really like the first drawing, and i see these becoming animated in a video, where the the drawings are colored, then you place your green mat and the space where it is layered down becomes alive with these black lines, creating illusions and it seems they move like here:

    So you might have a coloured landscape then you place the mat-black and white lines bringing you somewhere else. in this case in the lower level.

    … it clear?

  2. Anny Stephanou says:

    I appreciate this very much ! Maybe you can explain live tomorrow :)