Desert scene


Hello and happy happy new year!

I’ve been trying to think over the break on how to develop the connection between the room and the screen/film and how could a sequence go back and forth between the two more than it did previously. I did some small concrete casts in the sand to try and create the same composition of the site model I had in term I (with Barragan and all the rest), and then take some footage of it which could play somehow together with what’s going on in the room. Unfortunately it’s not scaleless dunes like Christo’s (below), but maybe it could still work.



Some spreads from the white book are below. I’m trying to think about the different thresholds / shifts and juxtapose them along the book side by side. blog-model-1 blog-model-2 blog-model-3

House IV becomes a D&G ad (diagram to merchandise) -blog-diagram

In the same fab trip to the Negev desert I stopped in this gorgeous monument by Dani Karavan and took some pictures -blog-dsc_0054 blog-dsc_0061 blog-dsc_0075


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2 Responses to Desert scene

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    beautiful monument! is that in israel? look forward to seeing all tomorrow – love the desert experiment.

    • Assaf Kimmel says:

      Yes it’s in the south of Israel, can’t believe I never visited it before! thanks looking forward to the seminar tomorrow!