Desert scene test

I’m trying to change around some things in the second part of the film (and with the first part of the sequence up to the highway scene I’m mostly focusing on smoothing the transitions).

Highway –> move from city to desert which turns the towers to a landscape monument –> erasing the scene, making the page/desert blank again —> need to connect back to the rhino space room

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4 Responses to Desert scene test

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    the zoom out from your desert to THE desert is really good and i said out loud ‘ooooh!’ from the surprise.

    The other transitions have a lot of wobble that you’ll need to work on. I imagine you can have wobble and the ‘hand held’ quality when we see you working in the scene, but still might be worth reshooting some of those if you can find a huge playground / sand pit in London somewhere. We have one in Stoke Newington that could be made to work – but maybe the Diana playground in Hyde Park is better (though you can’t get in without kids)….

    Have a google!

    • Assaf Kimmel says:

      Haha good!!! Yes you’re right, it might just be better to reshoot that part because I’ve been struggling to make the footage I have work and it’s just not good enough + the quality is bad… I hope I can find DRY SAND in London, I’ll have a look