Delta Narrative

I’ve begun to rework the narrative and storyboard according to a presentation format. I’ve structured it around a single room. As an example for now, I’m bringing up this image i made earlier this term again.


I want to rework this room more and contextualise the trailer for Delta around it.

For my introduction, i’ve decided to use a character that i’ve named Dan for now. He will set up the context for my project and will perhaps allow for me to elaborate the background for delta a little bit more.

In terms of containment, i feel the room offers a certain paradox towards the proposition of the project as being vast and infinite. I think it would be interesting to always mediate between this and the world of delta (even though they’re both virtual)

For the trailer, I’ve structured it into a 6 separate scenes, in which i will narrate over.

The scenes are as follows:

Vast and Infinite (Horizon)

Growing and Changing






Here’s what i’ve got so far. Storyboard drawings will be added later but i’ve written down descriptive notes for each of them.


This is Dan (Video of Door in Corridor)

He lives in generic studio flat in a housing estate in the poorer end of town. They were built quickly in order to tackle the housing crisis that has displaced many within the last decade. The rent is high but reasonable and the location is good.

(Video of Street)

On his street is a supermarket where he purchases his groceries, a café where he gets his coffee, his bank just around the corner and a small art gallery that he visits from time to time.

(Video of Room)

Dan mainly works from home, he is a software programmer and receives a decent salary for the freelance work he does for tech companies all over the world. In his free time, he plays games and watches his large collection of movies and television shows that he’s obsessively archived over the years.

“I am a gamer not because I don’t have a life but because I choose to have many,” he states proudly on his Facebook page.

(Zooms onto Desk)

From the confines of his home, he orders food, shops online, browses the web, speaks to his friends and joins the billions of active users on the multiplayer game platform, Steam.

(Desk with iphone, vr headset, computer, game console etc)

With a powerful computer, VR headset, and sensitive haptic gloves, Dan has the ability to visit and inhabit a collection of virtual worlds, vast and infinite all within the confines of his room.

(Video floating through “avatar land” on appears on screen) (camera moves forward)

“The ability to jump from world to world is completely breathtaking” Dan scream excitedly.

(Zoom out to scenes of office space, apartment, view of city)

He prefers it to the generic buildings and spaces that have been rapidly built within the last few years. “Everything looks the same! Buildings tend to repeat themselves and I’m just tired of them,” he complains

(Back to Room) (Facing Television)

Dan is the common denominator and the manifestation of the average individual today. He is amongst the many who spend their lives in this reclusive manner, compartmentalized into a variety of generic rooms in the city.

As many live their lives isolated from one another and contained in the interiors we inhabit, a new interior however has provided a chance for us to connect once more, forming the possibility of an interior that we can create, inhabit and consume.

“Here, everything is the way I want it to be”

(Dan is of course talking about Delta.)

(Delta trailer appears on tv screen) (camera zooms in)

(Camera flying through desolate landscape)

Like Dan, many have turned to Delta, a vast and infinite world unlike any other, different from ours yet strangely familiar. Here, fantasies become reality, cities are built within a matter seconds and anything is simply possible.

(Growing City)

As a growing metropolis of rooms and worlds, delta is always changing and reconfiguring itself, allowing for a new experience to take place each time.

(Camera flies into busy city) (Lights)

Buildings compose a network of interiors as we travel into the street and journey into Delta’s enfilade of worlds.

(fly through of “infinite” long corridor)

With so many possibilities, delta’s world and its architecture seeks an experience that has been so carefully masked and lost over time – an architecture that fascinates and draws one to another.

(camera turns towards door openings and reveals the worlds) (showing forest, grand palace, domestic interior, office space, warehouse, church etc)

Whether it is familiar of completely other, delta offers a world where we have the ability to choose and compose experiences and worlds that are down to us and our individual desires.

(Reshuffling Enfilade) (Changing Rooms)

In Delta, you are in control with the ability to change and modify these worlds allowing for an endless combination of possibilities. Be careful though, you might get lost.

(Moving through Enfilade) (composed of Abandoned Shopping Centre, Water Around Mountains, into Galaxy Room, with repeating a re-coccuring rooms in the end)

The physics of Delta vary but the only rule is that you can only move forward and not backward. This is because the world refreshes into another configuration the moment you pass through them. However, you might be lucky enough to see them more than once.

(Zoom out to Dan’s Room from screen, open door now appears) (Delta city in Sunset Framed)

For many like Dan, Delta has allowed for an interior much greater than we could have possibly imagined.

Delta is a place unlike any other.

It is based on you and what you want to do with it, giving you absolute freedom to explore a world where perhaps, memories will be created and dreams will become reality.

(Black Screen)


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