Delta Bay

I’ve started writing and thinking about a new narrative for the project to take place. I’m going to frame my argument and my project through the narrative of a game, where a virtual world has become more desirable and seductive than the real world we physically inhabit. I’ve written some background a rough summary for the place and how i think it might work.

With more than half of the world’s population on the brink of poverty, scarce resources and a lack of opportunity have led to an unexciting world, unfulfilling and vastly desolate. Shortage of land and housing have overcrowded cities with desperation. While many maintain banal and mostly repetitive jobs, high living expenses leave individuals with little resources for gratification and enjoyment. With little hope for success, many have turned to Delta Bay, a vast and infinite world, different from ours yet strangely familiar. Here, fantasies become reality and fulfilment is once again found.

As more withdraw from their daily lives, Delta Bay offers hope, allowing for dreams to be pursued and life to be lived in its best form. Here, you are your perfect self, removed from your inabilities and imperfections. You can start a career, meet people, study a subject, buy your dream home, climb the ladder or just retire and soak in our beautiful world. This is not a game, this is where you can be you and perhaps, find joy, pleasure, love and excitement once more.

In Aristotle’s Book Delta of the Metaphysics, he distinguishes three meanings of the term, or rather three shades of one meaning, but in any case, three different concepts. That is perfect:

  1. which is complete — which contains all the requisite parts;
  2. which is so good that nothing of the kind could be better;
  3. which has attained its purpose.

Delta Bay is a virtual world, offering an alternative reality to the ones that we currently occupy. With advancements in immersive gameplay technologies, its platform is powered on state of the art next-gen engines. With complete immersion, a complete separation from the real world occurs, allowing for consciousness to fully engage with this world. In Delta Bay, worlds exist upon worlds, providing for a limitless experience to take place. It however tends to mirror our existing world, forming cities out of streets, roads, buildings and often rooms. Everything is hence quite familiar allowing for a seamless transition and experience into the world.

It is however, not a game but an environment where daily life can exist and individuals can function doing daily tasks effortlessly. You start by personalising your surrogate, choosing your body form, your face, your form and your clothes. After you’ve chosen your identity, you can modify your identity by adjusting and altering aspects of your character that you would not rather have – this is alternative. Finally, you’re ready to go and join the millions of Deltanians waiting for you.

What im currently working towards is an advertisement or trailer for this place. I’ve been quite interested by the ads shown in Westworld and some game trailers. I found these to be interesting because they really do aim at selling these places as completely ideal and utopian.

Please jump two and half minutes in to see the ad.

I feel that the format of a trailer allows for some unknowns yet enough resolution for me to sell the place. I would like to imagine this as an attempt to draw visitors to this place. Therefore it’ll have to be seductive and attractive. Both of the trailers i listed above are capable of conveying these elements of desire.

I’ve been creating scenes and landscapes that i will begin to add together. Hopefully this will work nicely. Here are some stills as a preview

Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.40.44 Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.40.59

Im currently in the process of doing more!

Im also configuring some of these surrogates that i will also place into some of these scenes. Im in the process of animating them and making them seem more realistic too.

Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.21.30 Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.22.17 Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.22.35 Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.22.51 Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.27.33 Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.27.42


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