Dan’s City

11 copyI’m in the process of updating the city that Dan lives in. A generic and highly densed landscape of compartmentalised apartments. In the foreground, rapid construction is taking place, building more apartments in this new residential area. In the background, finished towers are being prepared for their first inhabitants to arrive.

I’ve added this into the context the apartment creating a much more focal point out of the window than what it was before. It would also be a nice contrast to what will be shown on the screens, where we’ll enter in R2.

I’ve also decided to change the time of the day from night to day. I think this could be more compelling in regard the culture  and lifestyle of Dan and his fellow neighbours.

I’m now the process of creating a narrative structure that will guide the levels of R1, R2 and possibly R3 much more effectively.

Screenshot 2017-05-01 19.07.06 Screenshot 2017-05-01 19.09.27


Below is a test video i rendered quite quickly to see the new background and how it works with the rooms i am panning through.

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