CY land ?

C Y  L A N D ?

The consciousnesses of the dead are uploaded into a virtual reality system, where they can live in CY land [ need a name for the world if y’all have a suggestion . ]  as their desire avatar selves live forever.
Investigate….  // The act of Rebirth, constant cannibalization of self.   // Reiterating, Reincarnating of Self.   // The threshold of Birth.   // Threshold is always shifting, or the body is always in transition   // How do we begin to understand an identity of a Space.    // Some places & neighbourhood are given an identity and those identity stays   // Spatially understand Rebirth, Reincarnation, and the associate identity with that   // Identity Shift   // the Image of herself vs Her actual Image   // The other Body   // Disjoint between how we imagine our-self   // Perception of our-self and how we look //Heaven is a place on Earth // Landscape is forever shifting …..
// In the Virtual World, The viewpoint of the film with be portrayed in a P.O.V format. 

A scene from the death of Oscar in Enter the Void. His viewpoint rises and looks at his body from above, and then we begin to witness his life in a roughly chronological order.
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