crowd sourced colours

Barbra told me at the beginning of the year to use what she called crowd sourced colours or colours that consisted on many different colours. I just did not really understand what she was talking about… she told me to use xerox textures. But today I saw these illustrations which I think are really nice so might have a go. I want to make a drawing that is between my model and reality so half my model half the city- probably some kind or section maybe I do not really know yet- i am also going to try and incorporate the Hogarth feel so make the drawing wrong in its perspective. The illustrations are also lineless which I still want to think about.  But i think more importantly they do have amazing colours i also like that they are fragments and feel very deserted…. oh and be radical….I am trying to be radical

des-bellons11 des-bellons-12 des-bellons-13 des-bellons-01 des-bellons-06

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One Response to crowd sourced colours

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    very nice. i d be interested in how to make these colours. do they work as textures?