creating tactics(edited)


Post jury process has been focused on being a master of light.

From natural light and architecture to projection mapping methods, try to map out the harmony and play of light/shadow/space.

I’m studying what makes our eyes/brain perceive spatial experiences through references. I’m gonna do quick test projection when the sun goes down in my room. If I make it work, I will post it right away. And also drawing some simple description from new references and writing basic tactics that I can use. It will be all nicely sit on pages in Technical Study book (and white book) and also at the same time shape out project further.

I’m posting couple of tasters of references on blog in relation to my direction of project for now.


1. Drawing in the air

(tool : beam laser/reflection)

Light Installation by James Nizam




Laser Forests by Marshmallow Laser Feast



2. Carving/extruding space out

(tool : projector/surface)


Box by Bot & Dolly


3. Casting shadow

(tool : natural light/object)


Photography by Serge Najjar

REF-TS-serge najjar-serjios-03-tt-width-612-height-612-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1




Photo of today’s test


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