Cosmic crime

After talking to the professor, the discussion added a layer of reality to the project, from it I will combine science with fiction.


-The professor and his explanations are realities.

-The Black hole is a reality (even though it’s stranger then fiction)

– The book is a reality


-Lisette and Sami, my characters and their lives are fiction.

-Pop ups are fiction

I then juxtapose the fictitious narrative of my characters VS the reality of the book and of the Black hole.

The story will revolve around a Cosmic Crime, and around the black hole and the book itself. I will use science to solve the crime. The book cannot be linear, because it’s a universe where you float within it, you’re travelling trough it in space-time, you see the present and the past, the future. The black hole is the part connecting the pages of the book, and the book itself is a black hole that falls back into a library, where the library is the Universe.

But if the book is the black hole what is it’s event horizon?(it’s tipping point, it’s point of no return).The event horizon appears in the story where all the facts of the crime have collapsed, a dead end an unsolvable case, that gets sucked into a singularity point into one direction, into a black hole. After having crossed that event horizon, we loose all the information and hope. The story goes on by contradicting itself where actually not everything has been sucked in, the crime was trying to be solved but they missed out on something, a clue, an emission of radiation, With the help of a brilliant professor he helps them solve the real Crime, that enlightened them to look at so many other clues and factors. (Similarly to when Stephan Hawking’s first theory that said if something goes inside a black hole it can’t come back out but he later on contradicted himself, proving the opposite of his theory or surpassed it by incorporating a little bit of quantum theory, with general relativity, proving that Black hole start behaving like objects they start radiating . Information cannot completely die, it gets emitted…) . The story  therefore cannot die, with the emission of radiation. Even the black hole brings prosperity.

List of the scientific terminology of the Black hole that will feature in the story:


-Sharzchild radius

-Event horizon.


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