I’ve started to introduce conditions into the animation. With each room having more specificity, they could perhaps become more recognisable as well.

Here are a few renders from what i’ve been doing so far.


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2 Responses to Conditions

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    this reference might be useful in trying to figure out how to reroute the labyrinth.
    work by SINTA WERNER

    ALSO, what if the conditions you create are less about programme or furniture and more about atmosphere? lighting, shadows, background sounds (like the film reference I mentioned early on, KITCHEN), and thermal / weather?
    Am sure you know of this artist:

    or like Random International’s Rain Room, or like this one – Roger Hiorns’ crystalline rooms? Particularly when you consider how they are made…

    Not suggesting they are all of this nature, but if you introduce weather, you can also challenge our orientation / gravity / UCS. ie, does the rain fall up or down depending on where the mirror is located?