Concrete + Wall Vaults + Bridge Beams on Site & Storyboard

Entering the 3D world of Rhino, aiming to create a new ground, a concrete landscape (rather than an accumulation of individual objects like i had in the first drawing here) above London. The wall vault enables me to ‘bury’ people above ground, without soil, as well as to play with the horizontal continuity and spreading of my city of the dead. Keeping accesses to the street and ability to grow vertically thanks to the use of a bridge beam like structure (NOT ‘scaffolding’!).

Visual storyboard, following on from previous post
1. starting point, current situation: plan of existing cemeteries
2. [zooming in & entering] texture/atmosphere existing cemeteries, current experience of death in London, journey from house to cemetery, way it looks, etc
3. [scale of tomb, sarcophagus, mausoleum] from Whiteread process, casting, to me, via casting & from interior of House to exterior of concrete city
4. [same scale, spreading it, ‘mass production’] making of concrete city of the dead – scale of casket5.  [zooming out] making of concrete city of the dead – scale of city, including new google earth view. in the middle, perspective of the ‘in-between’6. [getting inside] experience and ‘life’ of concrete city of the dead with perspective, details, events

for now it stops here, the rest (7., and more..) will come later
Back to Rhino..

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