This story begins with the forming of an identity.

What have you done in life that has led you to where you are?

Did you suffer in a car crash? Did a flying pig launch your career? Are you going to die swimming in the Cote D’azour?

Identity is formed from fragments of thoughts, experiences, and references. Matter is required to make matter. Architecture is born from ideas. Ideas are born from architecture.

Everything we do in life affirms our identity. Everyday we help shape our own identity, and that of others around us.

Identity can be established through a group/collective or individually.

This project will take you on path to uncover the identity of the architect and the building. We will discover a new architecture based on the intangible path to identity.

We seek to add value where there is no value. By establishing an identity we reveal a new perception beyond the pragmatic use of architecture.

The project negates labels such as luxury, budget, cheap, expensive. It seeks as new vision from the fragments of existing architecture. Through physical exchange we create a space that brings past, present and future together in one experience. A new identity embracing the flaws and accidents of time.

By exchanging identities we call destruction and wanton rebuilding in to question. In doing this we offer a way to change space both ideologically and economically.

Alter, Add, Remove: A new form of architecture.

Changing the ideology and economics of space.Window Exbury Windows before copy Exbury Windows bright copy Charles Gardner Windo Before copy Charles Gardner Window change 2 copy

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