Concept Art + AR Compositing Test

Working on some concept art for the view up into the ever shifting city from the meditating man. Am aiming to get an animated version of this going soon.Urban Palimpsest Concept Art

Here’s a test of a person’s AR bubble following them as they cycle down the street. (AR is indicative in this scene only – as its a test of the technique more than a resolved personal view). I’ll work on building the complexity of the AR so it can be more suggestive of traits of each character that we see.

Working on TS tomorrow – a more detailed breakdown of the new film and shot list to come…

Lastly, another article on the potential dangers on AR filter bubbles!

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One Response to Concept Art + AR Compositing Test

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    watched this about 20 times between yesterday and today. the sounds affect of the bubble change is so analog – it’s a great juxtaposition. Ultimately, probably doesn’t make sense in the qr code world, but it’s super interesting and great effect. Now i want to make it make sense.