Complete the Incomplete


This image is slightly provocative and extreme because I used Parthenon and The Walking City, but it communicates my idea of a mobile factory – moving machine, that travels and completes the incomplete Architecture. I am now concentrating on the design of it, use, functions etc. Nothing to show yet but will update as the work progresses.

The question I ask myself if whether the machine will operate (build) using new technologies such as 3D printer or it should be inhabitable and people would be the ones to do the job, or maybe both?

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3 Responses to Complete the Incomplete

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    I previously commented on the blog, but have a look at Sam Jacob’s article on STRANGE HARVEST: Drawing As Project – Post Digital Representation In Architecture.
    and your drawing is exactly like this one…….. no?

  2. Sasha Alexander Zhukov says:

    I think the difference between ‘photograph’ and ‘image’ is more delicate then he writes. The pure documentary photograph is a representation of the real through a medium – its not a constructed image – it’a a representation through a medium – the medium of the camera. The ‘art’ of photography and non-documentary photography are obviously just image make through the medium of the camera. But not all photographs are ‘constructed’ like he says. The ‘image’ on the other hand is a fully constructed concept. I’d hesitate to call photoshop or the computer the medium of the image though… But maybe your machine can blend the ‘camera’ and the ‘desktop’ and as he says be ‘the site where an architectural idea can be staged’ and then you project that image into reality through the medium of the machine.

    For reference, classic idea is that the camera is the dispositif

    Also, its probably not healthy, but if you ever need to link it to modern politics (good to have a range of perspectives at the ready) – Seen this?

    So automation is seen as a threat to the west? The 3d printing machine is seen as a threat? A call for independence from western-centric globalisation? If you map the journey of your machine later and it crosses some borders, maybe take this into account, or it could direct its journey…