Colourful Magma of Activities!

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If technology is the answer, what is the question? The sixties suggested for first time, that architecture, will be the first solid that melts into air. [Marshall Berman]  Technology has aggressively conquered the terrain of Architecture, from now on…it is the surrender to technology the only way for architecture to survive? What’s left? If technology is the answer, which is the new role of architecture? In a landscape of technological domain and expiry date, nothing is older than 10 years,  planning is like tearing the wallpaper off the wall, peeling form away. In this apocalyptic terrain,  I wonder which is the new role of architecture…but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be full of colourful delight!! ahahahhaa!!

A magma of colourful anxiety from our friend, which I saw on TATE two years ago! and an extremely beautiful anticlimax diagram as rich orchestration of chaos from another friend,  Awesome!

Thoughts in between PP annotations…arght!!


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