Colour & Vision / The Infinite Mix

Went to 2 exhibition over the weekend. Colour and Vision in the Natural History Museum. and The Infinite Mix at The Store. 180 Strand.  Definitely worth a visit! 
An exhibition about how vision evolve through time. as well as how colour in animals becomes the different between life & death.
” The Dawn of life was a monochrome, simple world. Shapes were minimal. Movement limited. For millions of years primitive bodies existed in a world dark to them. Eyes had not yet evolved and species existed where light and colour had no meaning.
Then quite suddenly from the gloom evolved an eyespot, which in as little as half a million years became an eye capable of seeing detail. With this innovation came a fresh understanding and curiosity of the World.
And then an EXPLOSION of LIFE. ”
Our Spectral Vision , Liz West
img_4637img_4634Some creepy eyeless creatures back in the days. 
img_4640Darwin’s pet octopus. 
img_4642The Wall of eyes! 
The tree of life // Evolution of eyes brought it to 6 main branches. These 6 branches of the tree of life represent nearly all of the animal species ever to have lived on Earth.


Vertebrate eyes// We as human being have a camera-type eyes, receiving light through a single opening. Camera- type eyes have a front and a back chamber separated by a lens that projects an inverted image onto a light sensitive retina. Our brain then decodes this image!  Cone-shaped cells allow us to see colour, while the rod-shaped helps us to see at night.
 We have a tri-chromatic vision, we see colours as a combination of Red, Blue and Green. Thanks to three different types of light-sensitive proteins in our eyes, called opsins. In dragonflies, they can have up to 30, different visual opsins! They see the world in an Ultra-Multicolour mode, So Cool!


img_4671 img_4668img_4673img_4658The exhibition goes on with cute dead animals and their purposes of being colourful.. 



This is quite an interesting one. It’s about exploration on Audiovisual. There’s a whole bunch of really provoking , documentary, music video, 3d projections, virtual reality films, experimental film and even theatrical performances. and it dispense with straightforward storytelling in favour of a non-linear approach by using music composition. Might be useful and good inspiration if anyone is thinking of films cuts, editing, grading, techniques ? Works by Martin Creed, Stan Douglas, Ugo Rondinone, Kahlil Joseph, Jeremy Deller & Cecilia Bengolea, Rachel rose, Cameron Jamie, Elizabeth Price, Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, and Cyprien Gaillard.  SUPPPEEEERRRRR AAAMMMMAAAZZZIIINNGG!!!! The best part is, It’s FREE to enter it. 
Some sneak peak of it !  

img_4741 img_4710


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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Thanks for the infinite mix tip – looks fantastic!

    mini-unit trip anyone?