I would like the project to take the form of a gigantic colossus, never comprehended in it’s entirety as we only see if from the interior. I think imagining the project as this giant alien de-contextualised object may provide some much needed intrigue. The colossus appropriates the city below it as the foundations for it’s new interior world.

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8 Responses to Colossus

  1. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    The interior/exterior relationships in many colossal statues are super weird as you might be aware! Like construction photos of Liberty in Paris are particularly spectacular but then there’s like the crazy reinforced concrete Motherland statue in Volgograd Russia as well (the inside looks like a bunker and I’m sure it weighs like a ridiculous amount – has a gigantic cantilevering sword too). Bavaria statue in Munich has a fireplace built into it’s head as I recall. The Chinese are up to pretty crazy-big Buddha statues and India two times in a row now has got the world’s tallest statues in the pipeline planned for construction. … I can keep going but if you are interested for more references I got my 3rd year portfolio in studio (looked at colossi as well) would be more than happy to show you reference booklet if it helps ;)

    • Emma Fraser says:

      Thanks Nicholas!!! Yes it would be great to see your third year stuff for it! I am definitely going to play on the interior exterior relationship and how the inside and outside look completely alien from one another, I love the construction photos of the statue of liberty they are great, I think they woul definitely be useful if I were to make a ‘building of the colossus’ drawing sequence. These are great references, youdabest.

  2. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    Oh also if your colossus might be more than one if int he end they act as pillars holding the offset interior world above polluted earth … Like the sculptures of Atlas carrying the world – but literally these pillars could even act like this Japanese airport (forget which one) on an island. Because it’s sinking the foundations are hydraulic and keep lifting the airport up – your colossi could be lifting the offset level higher as pollution clouds rise? I don’t know just an idea.