Color and vision | Wildlife photography exhibition

I also (hmpf, CY beat me to it) went to the color and vision exhibition and dropped by the wildlife photography exhibit while I was at it.

Beautiful and inspiring material about perception of humans and animals and the evolution there of at the Color and Vision exhibition.


Iridescent material, perception of the color changes with viewing angle




Particularly interesting I found the concept of structural color vs pigments. Structural color is like the first image you saw of iridescent glass, your perception changes with viewing angle. Pigment however is pure, your perception does not change no matter your perspective.



Some lovely pics and an amazing book for OCD people.

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-5



At the wildlife photography exhibition one particular image caught my eye. This picture of fungi struck me because of it’s scale deception. The way they are framed and the focus, out of focus in foreground and background, the image acquires a real depth. The horizon line here is also such that the plants seem huge rather than tiny, this is a nice play on perspective vs perception.





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