Colonnades & Temples

600px-Greek_temples.svg egypt_temple2

Just got this idea a bit late and just starting drawing it – seems exciting. The corporation can remain in the Cella, with the columns making up the interaction with the city – they are kind of ‘columns’ amongst the people of the world as the crowd gathers in the colonnade to pray, they are not allowed to go inside to see the deity statue. I will play with the scale of the columns – apparently Egyptian ones were supposed to be big and imposing – they show a lot of info through hieroglyphics, making a statement about deity and writing history. Iranian were about the space between columns – allowing for freedom in the earthly world – in a structure of faith. The smaller scale columns and spaces can from one perspective turn into a fence. Maybe even smaller and they can be a skin like surface. I’m reading Rober Smythson was the first in the UK to design a facade based on symmertry – with the windows just being symmetrical rather then relating to the rooms inside – I will play with symmetry somehow… Bigger columns can be rooms, maybe where you can access or contribute to the knowledge of the corporation [will think of something smarter through the drawing]. Maybe I could finally include my favourite thing in the world – the Bolivian ring-ditch – in a smart way into the project.

The colonnade maybe relates like this:   via the Arcades Project by Benjamin to the idea of a cocoon of commerce – but at arms length – Benjamin & Sloterdijk are too close and I want to move away from both – but its a possible line of thought & continuity.

Also a sketch where ‘the open plan’ relates to architecture that is ‘in the horizontal plan only’ The columned open space with the floor and ceiling representing identity. I love the idea in the ‘urbanism MA keynote lecture’ on the school website – that the highest tech innovators favour a suburban ‘anti-social’ environment. Sketch that too.

Obviously above, I’m drawing the corporate HQ as the temple and the corporate image is religion.

Also – Project that Djordje showed totally ripped Sloterdijk so that’s why I’m not drawing orbs or stadiums :)

Oh one more thing – I’look up some smart interactive materials – and that will allow me to draw some cocoon like things like Sabrina posted in comments on my previous post.

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  1. Sasha Alexander Zhukov says:

    Wow just saw this, doing similar thing only for the inside :)