Playing around with some collages:

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By the way this was my intro speech:


Urban planning has faded as a practice that structures space. The city is far more vividly delineated by sociological and phenomenal conditions. If this is the case what could a phenomenal architecture be? 

The notions of public and private space –  are a divide that is the result of a societal construct, which is a sociological phenomenon.

The modern condition is increasingly leading to a systematisation and a privatisation of public space. The two realms/definitions are leading to delineation, the creation of aggressive boundaries and a redaction of civic space.

If it isn’t to be ‘system’ and ‘programme’, I propose the alternatives as ‘phenomena’ and ‘objects’. ‘Phenomenal Architecture’ is an architecture that is perhaps never built (only envisioned) and a phenomenon that is tested/developed through technical/architectural considerations.

It is an architecture that FORMS an urban phenomenon, rather then being a resultant of it.

The notion of a PHENOMENAL ARCHITECTURE is in this project shown to be able to be used to create spaces that are at least partly un-programmed, yet multi-functional.


Then I went through 5 “conditions” that the slab creates that could work with or without it, but needed the slab (as a ‘phenomenal architecture’) to be developed:

Capsular public spaces

The void

The Hilbert curve Christianopolis

Programmed streets

Vertical artefact

I’ll make collages for each ‘condition’.

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One Response to Collage

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    Are you going to show just 5 main collages then for each condition and have the magazine printed on the table? sounds corporate to me.