Coincident – Screenplay Draft

Screenplay01_p1 Screenplay01_p2 Screenplay01_p3 Screenplay01_p4 Screenplay01_p5 Screenplay01_p6 Screenplay01_p7 Screenplay01_p8 Screenplay01_p9 Screenplay01_p10 Screenplay01_p11

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2 Responses to Coincident – Screenplay Draft

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    a couple questions – some trivial, some less so:
    Am really wanting to see the interior(s) of the flat now! (exclamation is enthusiasm, not shouting….) When do you anticipate doing this? Also, they should be high-design. Think of them not as pastiche for the film, but a design project as much as the film itself. I can’t quite get my head around Miri’s interiors or world view (so many vines!), although Rick’s is more familiar with modern ruin-love. Also, for that aesthetic I would HIGHLY recommend watching an episode of This is England ’86. or watch the film Precious, or Season 1 The Wire.

    btw, how long does it take you to read it aloud?

    • Nathan Su says:

      Hopefully I can start working on 3D/renders of the flat this week – using them as concept art to find a suitable shooting location. That way I can aim to have a preliminary physical model that I can show augmented with the two views at the upcoming jury. I’ll check out those references. To read out loud… too long haha – word for word it is around 3000 words… Should be about right for a 10 min film though.