Circular Focus

I’ve been questioning the paradox in my project of the non-linear/ linearity of the narrative. I’m trying to rethink and focus on everything within the book as a circular loop.

-Circular space: I’m working on a pop up where the space unfolds in different directions, with a play of  stairways, doors, mirrored rooms..etc..

IMG_0427 IMG_0432


-Circular story: The story as s circular narrative where the end brings you back to the beginning, every story could read to where it initially began.This brings me to think of  introducing the theme of life and death in the story. In the poem of John Hedjuck “The sleep of Adam” the author personifies death, which got me thinking of increasing the awareness of the black hole within the story and maybe even personifying the hole which could therefore take a step beyond controlling the narrative , by actually being a character itself?   The only thing that progresses within the story is time, the rest falls in a loop.The book shouldn’t have a front and back cover? It starts automatically with the story…The book can’t be shelved at the end of the story within a library, It needs to be constantly shelved and unshelved… If that makes any sense…

The book evolves into a hybrid medium,here is a nice Ted Talk on rethinking the interaction with books :

-Funny  Palindromes (phrase which reads the same backward or forward):

Madam I’m Adam //  Air an aria // No lemon, no melon // Are we not drawn onward to new era? // A Santa at Nasa //  Ah, Satan sees Natasha! (sorry about that one )

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