Chimney by Onorato and Krebs

Currently looking at reference, here is a movie by Onorato and Krebs, setting a lamp on fire – from the point of view it looks like the chimney on the background is smoking – polluting its environment. I find it very poetic but very powerful as well. The POV creates a very direct relation in between foreground, background and the environment as an whole. I find it fascinating. They are two swiss artist behind ‘The great unreal’ – a reference that I have been given during the jury last week. I have been looking at their photographies for a few days now but never the film before now. The smoke is somehow the thing that links both scales, adding something very powerful to the POV (which is also an apparatus to link scales together). There might be something to explore in finding apparatuses functioning inside the frame working as multi-scalar “form” linking together the fragments.

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