Crit WIP

Working on the DEN-GER and MAR-SPA maps, I will print them on tracing paper to overlap with the geographical map i already have. + i have done two images (1 for each ‘site’): The displacement of EU institution on the strait of Gibraltar, and the MOOC Minigrid on the coast of the northern sea . […]

Energy Map

P2P – Plant 2 Plug / Peace 2 Participation. Energy encodes participation by decentralising energy production. What is – 1945-2017, Energy is peace What if – 2017-Batteries, Energy is participation What then – Minigrids encodes participation. The participatory map show the testing ground for the minigrids. The minigrids are the machine – shared pods that […]

Lets upgrade Plato’s cave

Lets upgrade Plato’s cave. Lets potentiate knowledge. There is not but one light that comes from a single fire. We do not see but the shadows casted by this fire. We are in a crystal cave, each shining with its own light. YOUR TRUTH, MY TRUTH Lets not build libraries that categorise knowledge. Lets not […]

Why soften?

History is crystalized. It’s hardened in monuments, rituals, and values. Is there a way to liberate cities from the burden of the past (and consequently those of the present and future) through endowing it with a soft quality? And if so, what are the consequences on the cultural institutions that heavily rely on it? The […]

—> From Object to Process —>

Welcome to the P2P Opera – a global Pas-de-deux which explores how innovation in process is becoming more important than innovation in object. ***The P2P opera is produced in collaboration with Yanka Dodnikova who knits amazing socks in her village in Bulgaria. Order your pair now – REPRODUCTIONS OF MICHELANGELO’S DAVID: What is – the […]


The scale of the ‘data diet’ fluctuates depending on the severity of the issue. Looking to buy cheap shoes? That’ll take one person about 5 minutes. Want to change the results of the Brexit referendum? That’s gonna be a 2.000.000 people job over a period of 4 months. Equally so, the mechanisms that operate within […]