The City of a Hundred Nations – Preview Tables Presentation

Preface   In 2000 the Polish philosopher Zygmunt Bauman coined the term Liquid Modernity Which can be defined as an era of flux- a flowing state of constant interminable change: liquid uncertainty. All that was previously considered to be rigid, solid and certain struggles for legitimacy, submerged within the volatile ocean of late-modernity. But what […]

Cruel Optimism

***Millenarianism (also millenarism), is the belief by a religious, social, or political group or movement in a coming major transformation of society, after which all things will be changed. — The millennial space, the millennial main source of leisure and culture, the millennial form of employment, the millennial aspiration –   Forms of millennial resistance – how can we use […]

Basta TS

Some pages from the book: 1:1 fragment of the roof in Alaska – my dear millennials – what do you hate? Key sections from the TS –    

Jamies Search for Identity in the City of a Hundred Nations

  This is the story of Jaymie, the daughter of a British father and French mother- the first child born into City of a Hundred Nations. Educated in the city by Britain, by France, Sweden and Denmark, and a service user of Japan, China, Brazil and Hungary. A a citizen of everywhere but a local […]

After Jury Thoughts

The necessity: The industrial revolution has made us progress from animal speed to mechanical speed, with devastating consequences, in an ongoing process of more than 150 years humans have massively migrated to cities. Although we still haven’t digested that acceleration we have moved to a more radical acceleration in the 21th century: “the faster than […]


  The belief in an ecosystem governed by information and the relationships between data is flattening our world and subdividing it into informational relationships. The problematic within this system is that not everything can be quantified and accounted for. Between the pixels of the deepmind landscape infinite nuances that technological progress attempts to discover and […]

Intention of the consultancy is to create high-quality, affordable housing within the city centre. It does so through the tools of both architecture and finance. By decoupling ownership and occupancy, it was intended to allow access to city living at reduced ownership levels.  Looked at 3 examples across London. Using the outer city properties to […]

after jury totorial wip

After the juries I sketched some ideas for the left spaces that act as antagonists within the augmented world of hyper-connectivity and big data. The first drawing wasn’t really the direction I wanted to go. It’s a cluster of inhabitable and machine occupied structures behind a large radar system that is able to block or […]

Geographically Detached Territory

      One of the comments that stuck with me from the jury was “peripheral architecture“. If we no longer care for the wallpaper, the walls, the doors.. what do we start to value? Objects? Experiences? Journeys? Fragments of homes/cities? I’m not only interested in creating a friction-less world  for mobility, but in establishing […]