In between spaces

The City has been driven by the economical and financial sector, the physical representation of this condition is the line. The line has the absolute priority over everything in the city from historical buildings to public buildings nothing is allowed to resist. The machine below is a first iteration at designing an engine capable of […]

The Ash Age

Human’s natural adaptation for survival is to create technology, creating a tech ecosystem and an engineered habitat. The tech ecosystem has attempted to mitigate itself, developing technologies and protocols to reduce pollution. Like the natural ecosystem, the system of processes is unsustainable and always in flux. We have done all we can to systematically recover […]

A new datum to the streets

… more thoughts on the street as a machine to create desires     A new datum of environmental interface: the street of artificial micro-climate. Translating ephemerality: air, water, moisture, light, energy are harvested into tangible devices that create and accommodate  lifestyle desires. An attempt to advance potentials and eliminate problems of the street conditions. […]

Agent of Soft

 Mission statement  Intrinsically soft, both in their existence and physical properties, the agents are what will spark talk on the soft revolution [perhaps evolution]. They convey a state of society which requires coming to terms with the contingent character of the articulations of our world. A state which accepts that the pursuit of the absolute […]


MISSION STATEMENT   We create 2.5 Quintillion bytes of potentially useful data every day, yet the majority of it goes unanalysed. We are building 7.2 million square feet large data centers in Nevada to house machines that will be rendered useless in a decade or two. We are detonating mountains in the US to lay […]

Financial Estates

Financial Estates    The project responds to the commodification of real-estate as liquid, globally traded financial assets that has transformed the stable domestic abode to becoming the physical embodinment of economic volatility. The design is an algorithmic system guiding the development of a network of real-estate  distributed across any locality. It  is conceived as a closed […]

The Universal Interior

The project responds to the irrelevance of objects today, and to the rise of the importance of innovation in process. It creates a growing universal interior which accommodates the millennial desire to affect a process, from the understanding that the time of creating is the exciting one, and not the time of the finished object. […]

Charge-Discharge, again

1-Statement. The design is the proposal of a method that combines specific electricity production and storage and a programmatic indeterminacy. It mediates between increasing the time-span of energy storage and inhabitants spectrum of necessities. Low tech forms of batteries are used  as adaptateurs from energy to participation. 2-Table of Content. The TOC is structured the […]