Learning from Street of Cities

1. Street of Cities: A parallel reality. Designing urban fabric from the desire to photograph. Expansion and metamorphosis. Siteless and site specific, local and  global, singular and universal.     2. Lifestyle: Instagramming the instagrammable city. Recapturing the collective desire in the mirrored reality.     3. Learning from #Streets: A critique of image production. […]

Street of Cities – ground sprawl

Information technology is shaping our relationship with the urban environment. The internet and social media is a mirror of our societies and lifestyles. We live in a society where our perception is based on millions of composed images.   The Hashtag is a lens, portraying a virtual space truer than the physical reality. The database […]

Millennial Beauty

What is the equivalent of the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the millennial roof? Adding resolution for the sake of trying to make a great object, even if it slows down or breaks the beauty of the process (F++k the process??) Our generic environments create the new individual – the multitude what is beauty? The production […]

The Unit of a Nation

The City of a Hundred Nations exists of the coast of the Comoros Islands – a floating, growing, contradictory city. Joburg-On-Sea sits adjacent to a 1:1 scale replica of the Basecamp at Mount Everest, owned by China. The prefab modular unit, includes a port for trade and transport of capital in all forms, energy farms, […]

Project: The street of Cities

    Technology deforms lifestyle and informs our navigation, perception and participation of space. The technology of hashtag creates new condition of world streets Where our memory, experience and virtual interaction of streets detach architecture from its context. Just as a physical street was not designed by a single author but a compound of collective […]