Casting, Modelling and Storyboarding…

The model for the jury should introduce a narrative into the world. The process of designing becomes the narrative. Whilst the ‘grains’ or ‘samples’ inform the world and its physical form, it is the extracted form that becomes the project. The cast form enables a new continuum between sample and design, creating a new sample itself. The pieces work alone, however their collaboration constructs the new narrative.

Dr Dre becomes the joints that pull the samples together into a final piece. HARMONY

Banham’s speed of view gives the PACE. ( studying musical roads and translating sounds into physical forms that can be played) – the exact speed and certain physical shape gives a certain wanted sound, when going too fast or too slow this is not the desired sound.

The tension between Pruitt Igoe’s past and present leaves a lingering SHADOW. Jencks discusses its past aims and present failure.

The others are slowly coming together, these terms define the way I design the pieces and their interaction with one another, leading to a larger final piece.

I have now done some tests of casting and still need to work out the best way of getting the perfect surface I am looking for ( as the pieces should be just as good sitting on a table alone, as they do altogether, for the sample idea to be properly conveyed)

The storyboard (WIP) builds the different ways one zooms in and slowly zooms back out to the entire narrative.






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