Cameras can fly


While I’m still trying to figure out what is the landscape and how we view it, here is some procrastination with the more technical part of how it could be filmed.

Conceptual wipe-out of parts of the landscape not seen in film –


Zoom in from aerial to ground can maybe work like this with a physical model / wallpaper – sketchLooking at options for DIY camera tracks/motion – DSLR-font-b-Camera-b-font-Video-Mini-Car-Skater-for-Photograph-Rail-Rolling-font-bNew-Discoverycam-Mutifunctional-DSLR-Camera-Dolly-Track-Best-Slider-for-5D-mark-II-7D-Free-shipping





Or as the films of Mark Lewis (below), which are shot with a crane going up and down, am I to operate a baby crane…?


Mark Lewis’s film on The Minhocão, an elevated highway in Sao Paulo which has been partly closed to vehicles (48:50). The other videos in the lecture are also quite cool.

Spectre (James Bond) continuous opening shot

Jonas Dahlberg, Untitled (Horizontal Sliding), 2001

b5 Dahlberg_2

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