Building the Continuum

Following on from yesterday I have been delving into the idea of ‘language as form,’ as a way to bring the grains together.  These are initial thoughts, imagery will follow.

The grains are all struck by a moment, event, location, realisation which leads them to create a movement/ a turn in the way the public reads architecture, politics, music, cities, amongst others. Their ideas are then transmitted to the public through different medium, or one could argue, a form of language. If language is a form of communication. Then the grains will use a particular way to resample language for their particular use. The construction of the language engages with many layers each touching on different themes and ways of language formation. Whether this is through the Kurokawa’s manufacturing of image, Dre’s distortion of music and politics or Jencks’ naming of a event. The language they form create a new understanding/reading for the public to engage with.

As an idea I have been looking into this idea of sampling and creation of the music (a form of language.) I have been playing around with Ableton programme- this could be an initial medium of overlay? If I am able to overlay sounds and images in a music piece or video, i can then translate this to a visual form.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 14.59.11

Initial layers and definitions:

Dr Dre started his musical career with an E-mu SP-1200 changing forever the widespread influence of music sampling and its often resulting controversies. distortion, copying, re-copying, rhythm, breakbeats

Architect Kisho Kurokawa, founder of the Metabolism, reivented the Japanese modern man and hosted a TV talk show for 14 years. manufacturing

Reyner Banham records his thoughts on tape while driving though LA. These recordings become his Four Ecologies. analysing, decoding, narrative, transcription

The Duke of Urbino injured an eye in a jousting tournament, he had the bridge of his nose removed to improve his field of vision. He translated this flattened form of viewing into the intersia of his studiolo. collection, perspective

1972, Charles Jencks declares the death of modernism as Minoru Yamaskai’s Pruitt-Igoe is demolished. naming, collapsing


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2 Responses to Building the Continuum

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    You can also consider the Ableton as a starting point that might lead to a modified (fictional) version that could act as an input/creation device that would let you input all sorts of things, from sounds to materials to spaces to protagonists.

  2. Just as a visual reference this came to my mind:
    Perhaps you could have a very decoded program and at the same time a coloured/crazy outcome