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This game aims to explore the extent and implications of re-enactment as well as revealing to us our deeper consciousness. It will first test our ability to collect and then the human need for association as well as revealing the clear distance between art and caption.

The game can be played with friends, strangers, family, lovers and a larger system of acquaintances. It allows objects to set up an unintended narrative, to change meaning and to imply a variety of relations between each other.  The game has the potential of opening up new vistas, on both the world and people that surround you as well as confirming or rejecting your own character.

Every new set will help in exploring the continuous possibilities of re-enactment, every drawing will help in challenging the potential of the change of medium. Simultaneously such drawings will build up the identity of artist. At every new game, totems will multiply, adding to and creating the collection.



How to Play


  1. A maximum of four players is allowed and everyone must be gathered around the playing board as to each have a slice of it.
  2. The top layer of the board game is removed and players are allowed to select as many totems as they like, bearing in mind that the objects left out can be as significant as the objects chosen. However, the number of totems chosen from their own slice cannot exceed two. Remaining totems are also removed and positioned on the side.
  3. The top board layer is put back on and the walls are slotted into the proper compartments.
  4. The first player, chosen by the highest roll of dice is allowed to position the totems however he pleases on his slice of the board. While this happens everyone else studies every move.
  5. When this set is complete, I the narrator, chose one of the left over totems and add it to the arrangement. Subsequently I then provide a reading of the collection through the act of drawing. In the meantime, the player writes a brief caption describing his intention/ reading of the totem arrangement.
  6. Noe the person on the right has to build his set and the process is repeated for the remaining three people until a set of four drawings and four captions is achieved.
  7. Each outcome is recorded in the Collection Catalogue, each game/experience is documented.
  8. There is no winner.
  9. Once a set of totems has been used for three games, these have to be re-enacted by the narrator either through a change of medium, design or tool. As well as crafting the totems, objects by the players can be added to the game. One can collect, over one’s lifetime an infinite amount of objects and then add them to the game.


IMG_3886 IMG_3887



Totems in Progress


Board In progress

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 16.54.44

self portrait 3

Loos/Baker house Self Portrait (for board)

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